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looksie who got first entry.. - We belong in rehab! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Izzie and Taylor

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looksie who got first entry.. [May. 27th, 2005|09:10 pm]
Izzie and Taylor
[I feel... |crazycrazy]

so me(taylor the great) and izzie(the wonderful) have set up a lovely community to pay tribute to our various addictions and obsessions(see interests!)

hopefully you have the same ones, but we're not fussy, as long as you understand what it's like.
you can write abot those moments you realise you are so addicted you're a bit sad/crazy/ are above the rest of mankind etc. you may notice that these moments can be quite moving or humourous, which is where we come back to us setting up this lurvely community.
i'm relatively happy with the layout right now, it'll probably change, but i thought the 'repent sinner' thing was appropriate in an ironic sorta way (whadya think, iz?)

here are some of my many major addictions:
- joan of arcadia -damn, i ♥ that show
- alex zane (both me and iz are members of the tres sexxy alex zane community.)
- the colour pink, especially when combined with leopard print (see my lj)
- books (i'm alomost on a'book a day' thing...call it escapism
- old 80s movies. I ♥ the bratpack
-dancing like a loon on loontablets (i fucking rawk)

and those are just a few...

so in the spirit of obsession, here's my confession (omg- it rhymes!)
i have become crazywild for lemoncurd- i have begun to eat it in spoonfulls, a la izzie w/ frosting. i think i could live off that and quesadillas alone.

oh well, that wasn't THAT amusing, but still
xxxx honeybuns!

[User Picture]From: dizzy_izzy04
2005-05-28 10:07 am (UTC)
loving the background! I shall write something soon, and let's post links to it on other communities.
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